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A-Top Chimney is locally owned and operated by Wendy and Bill Soule. With over 30 years of experience specializing in residential homes, Bill is a certified master chimney technician who proudly serves a “Wicked Big Chunk of Maine!”


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A-Top Chimney is Greater Portland’s first full-service chimney company. Now based in Scarborough, formerly South Portland, we are locally owned and operated by owners Wendy and Bill Soule. Bill has over 30 years of experience in the chimney world and is a master-certified chimney technician.

We take pride in successfully solving your chimney needs in a cost-effective and timely manner. Our goal is to make sure that your trust in us develops into a lifelong working relationship. From the office to the field, our employees have been trained by Wendy and Bill Soule to give you superior customer service and high-quality workmanship.


A-Top sweeps chimneys year round.

A basic sweep is sizing the chimney flue with the correct brush and removing the brushable creosote or soot from the interior of the chimney so it can properly vent hazardous gases. We recommend having all of your active chimneys and or flues swept annually.

As a homeowner, you should check with your local code enforcement office to confirm your city/town’s requirements.

A-Top Chimney sweeps oil, wood, gas, coal and pellet stove flues. Many people do not realize that their oil boiler/furnace flues should be swept.

They should be checked annually just like all other flues that are venting hazardous gases. Squirrels and rodents love to nest in flues that are not used frequently; therefore these flues should be swept/inspected annually.

*Please allow your wood burning stoves and fireplaces sufficient time to cool down before our scheduled appointment and there is access to clean out doors, so we are able to properly sweep and access your flues.


Chimney liner is the inside lining in a chimney, designed for the specific needs of the appliance, for which the chimney is venting.

Liners can be made of stainless steel, aluminum, clay tile, poured or even plastic. The purpose of a chimney liner is to vent hazardous gases from the appliance to the outside air. Chimney liners also protect the chimney/building from chimney fires and moisture caused from certain appliances.

A-Top Chimney Uses high quality stainless steel and aluminum liners. It is important that flues are properly lined with an appropriate liner.

If your chimney liner is cracked, damaged or beyond repair, the flue should be relined. If there is not a liner in your chimney you should have a new liner installed. It is extremely important that the liner installed meets the requirements of the appliance venting through the chimney.

Please call A-Top Chimney at 885-5515 for an evaluation on your liner situation to ensure your chimney is properly lined.


A chimney cap covers the opening of the flue(s) at the top of your chimney, but still allows the chimney to properly vent the hazardous gasses. Caps are commonly made of stainless steel, aluminum or masonry.

A cap is designed to keep out rain and snow from entering your flue(s) while extending the longevity of your chimney and liner. Caps also work to keep out critters, leaves, debris and in some cases to reduce wind induced downdrafts.

A-Top Chimney Inc. installs stainless steel caps in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the needs of single/multi-flue chimneys. We also install and repair masonry caps. Stainless steel is the most common but copper is also available.

Please call A-Top Chimney at 885-5515 for a free estimate on a chimney cap that will prolong the life of your chimney.



Repointing is replacing the weak outside layer of mortar between the bricks. Re-pointing is done for structural purposes and also can keep the outside portion of a chimney weather tight.

When a chimney top is past repointing and crown repair, it is time for a roof up rebuild. A roof up rebuild is rebuilding the chimney from the roof up.

Crown Repair/Mortar Wash

The crown is the very top of a correctly built masonry chimney. The crown seals the top of the chimney between the liner and the outer walls of the chimney, which protects the chimney from weather.

Other Outside Services:

  • Waterproofing
  • Flashing
  • Cleanout doors
  • Crown Seal/Coat
  • Watershed
  • General Masonry
  • Chase Cover

There are typically three ways a chimney can leak:

  • Through the flashing. Solution: repair, seal or replace flashing.
  • Through the brick, block or mortar (saturation & wind driven). Solution: re-point the chimney top, repair the mortar wash, water proof exposed bricks or rebuild the chimney top.
  • Through the flue. Solution: install a chimney cap.

Cleanout Doors
It is important that the clean-out door is in good working order so it does not interfere with the function of the chimney. A-Top Chimney can either replace your damaged cleanout door or if you do not have a clean-out door we can install a cleanout door so we can properly access your flue.

The thimble is the material that secures the appliance pipe to the chimney. It is important that the thimble is in good working order so it does not interfere with the function of the chimney. Thimbles can be either repaired or replaced.

When possible we install stainless steel thimbles which last much longer than galvanized thimbles.

If we cannot replace your damaged damper we can install replacement dampers. A-Top Chimney uses a variety of replacement dampers.

Other Inside Services:

  • Stucco
  • General Masonry
  • Brick up unused thimbles


  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should be properly installed in all residential and commercial buildings.
  • Every used flue should be swept and/or inspected annually.
  • Be courteous and help elderly neighbors keep up with chimney maintenance.
  • If you have a chimney issue, you should get estimates from locally established chimney companies and should never be pressured into any work.


Chimney maintenance is as important as the maintenance of the appliances that vent hazardous gasses into the chimney. Chimneys and flues that are not annually swept and or inspected can potentially be a hazard to you, your family and your home.


Maintaining the interior and exterior of your chimney and flue(s) will not only help protect you, your family and your home from potentially hazardous situations, but annual maintenance will aid in finding smaller problems before they develop into costly, more extensive repairs.


“On March 30th I had a new liner put in my furnace flue, removal of a Glacier Bay wood stove, and cleaning of the chimney. I wanted you to know that Dan, Dan and Billy were efficient and professional in completing these jobs, and they answered all my questions. They treated my home like it were their own, and considering the rainy day, they did a wonderful job. I was also impressed that the cost was slightly less than the estimate that I had been given. I would definitely recommend A-Top to my friends and would have A-Top Chimney do any other work that was needed in the future. Thanks for a great job.”

Kevin J. Conroy

“I just wanted to drop you a note about the outstanding service that your long-time employee Dan gives us. He has come to clean our chimney since we first hired you all. He is consistently professional, courteous and friendly. His work is very efficient and he is always on time. I would highly recommend your company to anyone because of his exemplary work ethic. If you are giving out bonuses this year, he deserves an extra one!”

Jennifer Miller

“Just a note to thank you all for your services on Monday. The “2 Dans” arrived as scheduled, were very polite, efficient & patiently answered & explained to us what was done. Consider us a satisfied customer.”

Marilyn & Robert Morse

“Thank you for coming to clean my chimney. As usual, I am very pleased with your service and will continue to make recommendations whenever the opportunity presents itself.”

Guinevere Grindley


South Portland Historical Society

A-Top Chimney of South Portland volunteered both its time and materials on our museum building, reconstructing a chimney and also lining the chimney so that equipment can be properly vented.

The accompanying photo was taken at the museum when the A-Top crew was hard at work on the roof. The Society would like to offer its warm thanks to A-Top Chimney and its owners, Wendy and Bill Soule, for such a generous donation for our community’s benefit.

South Portland Lacrosse Wall

Locally owned and operated A-Top Chimney Inc, based out of South Portland, have given South Portland lacrosse players an opportunity to develop their stick skills by donating a 12 feet high, 1 foot wide by 20-feet long smooth and solid, high pressure concrete wall, located at the Wainwright Sports Complex- off Highland Ave.

The wall was specifically designed to give South Portland lacrosse players a year round, free and accessible wall to play wall ball and develop their individual passing and catching stick skills.



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